Urn For Tea

Tea urn comes in a bunch of different size, you'll find one that fits any occasion. For friendly gatherings or large family events, you can find an inexpensive one for home use that are simple to use and make anywhere from ten to twenty cups of tea. The largest ones are usually owned by restaurants and caterers who need to make up to one hundred cups of tea at a time. Unless you usually have a large gathering of friends at your house, a smaller tea urn will usually be the best thing you can get. The prices of these units vary a whole bunch, a thirty cup tea urn would cost anywhere from sixty to well over one hundred bucks.

You'll find the largest units vary in price considerably. The ones that the pro's use to make brew tea for a big even can cost up to six hundred bucks. Other tea urns are more reasonably priced and can be had for about one hundred bucks. You'll notice that these urns don't come in standard sizes. Some make seventy cups, others make fifty five and some go down to thirty or thirty six cups. Each manufacturer changes their capacity widely, so it's hard nailing down a particular size.

The professional urns are usually the best, you'll notice this with the spigots near the bottom of the urns that save can you tea. Tiny spigots on the cheapy urns are hard to stop when pouring a cup of tea, this can mean frequent spills and mess. The better spigots are easy to turn and operate and are much more rugged which will extend the life of your tea urn and save on wasted tea.

Tea Urns - Amazon

Gold Accented Tea Urn


This is a wonderful urn for catering events or large family gatherings. It's bran new gold covered stainless steel tea and coffee urn dispenser is appreciated in any social gathering. It's perfect for any self-service events such as banquets and buffets with it's large 3 gallon capacity. Comes with a fuel holder, it saves on electricity because and keeps tea and coffee hot without it.

Boring Tea Urn

Tea Urn, 3 Gallon, 16-3/4'' X 11-1/4'' X 15-1/2'', Stainless Steel, Staggered Rubber Grip Handles

It's made out of stainless steel and comes with rubber grip handles that are staggered. It has a capacity of 3 gallons and the dimensions are 16" by 11" by 15". The unit must be washed by hand. The perfect tea dispenser for your home or office.

Iced Tea Urn

Update Intnl Satin Finish S/S 3 gal Iced Tea Urn

A basic urn used for storing iced tea. Hold 3 gallons and has some sturfy handles.

Hamilton Tea Urn

Hamilton Beach 40515 42-Cup Tea/Coffee Urn, Silver

Holding between 42 and 12 cups of tea, this urn is perfect for bugdet-style parties at home or even large business gatherings where self-serve is necessary. The polished aluminum urn is really designed to serve a large gathering. It brews up a cup of tea in less than a minute and has a special light that lets you know when it's OK to star serving. The unit can be stooped upright to fill a large carafe because it's designed to be a 2-way dispenser. It can fill a single cup or used for many more. You can easily fill the urn to the appropriate water level with it's internal water markings. A secure lid makes for easy carrying without spillage which is a great safety feature. It also has heat-resistant handles. With it's detachable power cable for easy storage, it has tons of nice features such as a brew basket and lid which is dishwasher safe. You'll find a two year limited warranty on this unit from Hamilton Beach.

Regal Ware Tea Urn

Regal Ware 58221V 101 Cup 220/240 volt Aluminum Coffee/Tea Urn

Pride, super performance, focused dedication and incredible integrity, these are the traits of Regal Ware Worldwide, a top manufacture in the USA of top-quality cookware made of stainless steel. The products are made by trained professionals dedicated to making world-class cookware which are backed up by more than sixty years of excellence in manufacturing. The Regal Ware Aluminum Tea and Coffee urn holds up to 101 cups. It has a 2 way Tomlinson spigot with lock-on handles and an accurate tea level sight with markings.

Reed & Barton Tea Urn

Reed & Barton Sheffield Collection 25-Cup Silverplated Burgundy Tea/Coffee Urn

By maintaining a level of sophistication, this snappy tea urn eases a lot of the pressure a busy host receives at upscale buffets or holiday parties by offering a self-serve way of dispensing tea or coffee. One of America's most trusted silversmith, Reed and Baron expertly craft this antique style urn which harks back to 1824, it's companies origins. Featuring flowers on it's legs, leaves, finial, and ornate scrolls, it's a perfect wedding to the Reed and Barton's Renaissance-inspired flatware which tends to be plated with pure silver and polished finish. This puppy server larger crowds without needing constant refilling. It's 18" tall and has a large capacity of 25 cups. You can keep your tea at a steady temperature with it's adjustable sterno burner which is located below the chafing dish.